OpenTenders is a specialized company dedicated exclusively to technically support the construction companies tender processes.

Our extensive experience in many countries and the use of the latest technologies, allows us to successfully undertake any work related to construction anywhere.

We have specialists who can perform technical documentation, 3D infographics Process Execution, Revision and / or obtaining measurements, 4D execution process or finished work Videos and Technical Support in any tender process.


We perform full or partial Technical Documents (Technical Reports, Project Schedules, Space-Time diagrams, Access and Circulation Studies, Location of Loans or Landfills, Quality, Safety, Environment, Technology and R & D + i, etc.).

Our order volume, specialization and the use of the latest technologies allow us to perform High Quality Technical Documents at moderate prices.


3D CONSTRUCTION PROCESS COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Our customers tell us how they intend to perform the work and we carry out the construction process infographics adapted to this process. We send many infographics as necessary to visually explain how the works will be executed (usually between 6 and 10).

3D CONSTRUCTIVE PROCEDURE COMPUTER GRAPHICS: When trying to explain how the process of executing a particular unit will run, we perform computer graphics that define how it will run in terms of location of personnel, equipment, etc.

3D As-Built Computer Graphics: It consists of a series of images in which we show how the construction will look like once it's done.


According to documents that the agency provide in the tender, measurements from the plans given to us or supplied measurements obtained are reviewed. We review all documents in order to have a reliable measurement for economic assessment.

A full report on the revision in editable format, and a list of measurements that make up the project is sent.


We perform 4D Videos of the process of a work, in which we can see animatedly how it goes running and growing from the initial state to completion and we also perform videos of the work as-built, in which is shown in detail animatedly the construction from differnt views.